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Is your best friend getting married and you feel already that your “bachelors gang” is incomplete? Well, you can throw him the perfect party to commemorate all your fun adventures through the years you were friends. We have prepared for you 3 important tips which are more than useful when you want to surprise your best “partner in crimes”. Here is what you can do:

  1. Make realistic plans and know your attendees

It is more than important to be realistic when you make plans. Even though you would like to plan a surprise Bachelor Party in Vegas, you should consider a location much more appropriate and affordable for all of your guests.

Which make us go on the second most important thing when planning this sort of party: you should definitely choose carefully the persons to spend this night with. You may feel ok in someone’s companionship, but your best friend doesn’t have to feel the same. Just remember that this is his important night before getting married and he deserves all the fun she can get!

  1. Book a high-class escort who meets up all his standards

As his best friend, it is obvious that you from all men surrounding him know his tastes on women. Therefore, make sure he will have the time of his life by booking the perfect escort who meets up all his standards.

If he likes blondes, then go book that blonde with the most voluptuous curves in the whole London. If he loves brunettes, then you know what to do! Take into consideration each small detail when it comes to your best friend’s preferences on women.

It is more than sure that a gorgeous escort will save the night and will leave your friend with the best memories before the wedding! On our website, you can find the most exquisite escorts in London, available for home counties too. We have selected premium escorts who can please any man alive. Therefore, if you are interested in booking a real Goddess, contact us as soon as possible. We’ll make sure your party is going to be perfect! Also, you don’t have to worry about confidentiality because we have the most discrete escorts.

  1. Be organized!

You should prepare the agency fee, you should make reservation at the location you are going to party and you should keep a decent amount of money available. Keep some small bills for playing games, if you are going to a casino (and by that we don’t mean you should go exchange everything out in ones).


Hopefully, these tips we mentioned before will help you plan the best Bachelor Party for your best friend before the wedding rush. Try planning this party like it’s for you, but

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